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HPD Sergeant Harold Preston Would be Alive Today If Not for Inept Politicians

Around 9:30 on Tuesday morning, HPD Sgt. Harold Preston was shot, along with another police officer, and later succumbed to his wounds. Sgt. Preston was set to retire this year after over 41 years of service to our city.

Sgt. Preston leaves behind a 23-year-old daughter, his fiancé, and his parents, whom he lived with and took care of.  

The shooting suspect was identified as Elmer Rolando Manzano-Martinez, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. ICE officials identified him as a “convicted criminal alien who is unlawfully present in the U.S.”

Police officers responded to calls twice over the weekend for domestic violence issues, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said. Harris County DA Kim Ogg– Democrat, who is up for reelection this year, refused to file charges or detain him for ICE and released him back into the community.

Mary Nan Huffman, who is running against Kim Ogg this election cycle, released a statement that read:

Houston Police Department Sergeant Harold Preston was killed in the line of duty today.  As tragic as that is, his death was 100% preventable.  His partner also was shot and will survive his injuries.

The suspect, Elmer Manzano, a convicted felon with multiple prior assaults on his record, was in custody just a day before this tragedy occurred.

On October 18, HPD Officers responded to a call from Mrs. Santos, stating that her ex-husband, Mr. Manzano, was at the location brandishing a gun, threatening Mrs. Santos and her children.

HPD Officers took Mr. Manzano into custody that day but Kim Ogg declined to take charges, instructing the Officers to release him, leaving the gun at the scene.  Had charges been accepted, Mr. Manzano might be back on the street, but his gun and ammunition would have been seized and held as evidence.

No gun would have meant no dead officer.

Today, Officers responded to another call from Mrs. Santos.  Mr. Manzano answered the door, firing gun shots at point blank range.  The two officers were hit.

100% preventable.

The actions of Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg are inexcusable.  While Mr. Manzano pulled the trigger, Kim Ogg put the gun in his hands.  Her actions are directly responsible for the death of HPD Sergeant Preston.

The good people of Harris County mourn the tragic and senseless loss of HPD Sergeant Preston.  They have an opportunity to ensure this does not happen again.

DA Ogg’s fate is in their hands.  She is on the ballot today.

Vote to keep your streets, your neighborhoods, your homes, and family safe.  Vote to keep the men and women of law enforcement from preventable perils.  Vote to hold Kim Ogg responsible for HPD Sergeant Preston’s death.”

The problem runs much deeper than merely Kim Ogg’s refusal to file charges. We live in a “sanctuary city” where illegals are shielded from deportation by ICE. They simply refuse to tell ICE when violent offenders are arrested and then released, often with no charges filed, as was the case with Mr. Manzano.

Until we have a city government that acts to protect their community over party politics, tragic events like Sgt. Preston’s unnecessary death will continue to happen until we, the citizens of Harris county, elect officials who will protect the community over the party.

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Gun and Badge – DA Candidate Huffman says Harris County is in the middle of the ‘Perfect Storm’ that let violent criminals go free, commit murders


District Attorney candidate Mary Nan Huffman must feel like “a criminal justice meteorologist” navigating the perfect storm of sunny skies and fair weather for the habitual criminals getting out of jail free – or almost free – during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“COVID-19 is being used as an excuse to release violent and repeat offenders from the jail, putting citizens in Harris County in danger,” she said.

Huffman, the Republican challenging incumbent Democrat Kim Ogg, described the dangerous winds of that perfect storm as well as the streets “flooded” with dangerous criminals out on “sweetheart” deals and PR bonds roaming free.  While other criminals are caught and released because the DA’s office will not take the charges at this time. Later to find their names resting comfortably on “to-be” warrants to be handled at a later date.

The Stormy Trend

As for the “storm” itself, Huffman said, “It is a combination of COVID-19, the revolving door at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, sweetheart deals made by the district attorney’s office and criminals given PR bonds or very low bonds.”

She avidly avers that the crime rate in Harris County was already soaring before the pandemic and is now worse than it had to be. And Huffman, a member of the HPOU Legal Staff, cites specifics that surely give pause to HPD officers accustomed to hauling in suspects, seeing them charged and tucked away with appropriate amounts of bonds.

“In the City of Houston,” Huffman told the Badge & Gun, “we have seen a 50 percent increase in homicides from this time last year. Our city is seeing nearly one murder a day, and that does not include the rest of Harris County.

“Some of these issues are related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but crime in Harris County was already on the rise. Add to this condition the stay-home impact on the crime rate. Mental health issues, domestic violence and gang and drug violence are some of the consequences we have seen.”

Under Ogg’s watch the Harris County Jail has become “a revolving door” that features “sweetheart deals” from the DA, “who are not accepting a lot of charges” due to the threat of the virus possibly infecting jail inmates.

Despite HPD officers finding probable cause, all they usually get are “to-be warrants,” which, in essence say “we have probable cause, have filed a warrant and at some point I’m going to arrest you for those charges.”

The system, Huffman lamented, is saying to officers, “You catch ‘em, we’ll release ‘em.”

The releases happen at Ogg’s direction.

Huffman has taken plenty of examples on her socially-distanced campaign trail. She has no difficulty proving her point.

She particularly cites six cases:

Grandmother Murdered in Broad Daylight

A prime example is the death of beloved grandmother Rosalie Cook.  She was running errands on May 16 when she was stabbed to death by a total stranger, Randy Lewis. Lewis then tried to steal her car. When the officer ordered him out of the woman’s car, Lewis came at the officer with the knife.

Witnesses said the officer had no choice but to shoot.

Huffman was on the scene as the HPOU attorney. She said, “There was incredible police work as well as action taken by the store employees and good citizens in the parking lot to try and save Mrs. Cook.”

Randy Lewis had a history of mental illness, had been arrested 67 times in Harris County, but was released on two felony PR bonds.

“Kim Ogg wants to blame the judge for the PR bond, but on May 1 the DA’s office agreed that Lewis should be released on the PR bonds. And just fifteen days later Rosalie was murdered!”

Randy Lewis had previously been charged with 67 crimes, but the DA agreed to give him a PR Bond and he proceeded to kill Rosalie Cook.

Pregnant Woman Shot Along with her Mother and Sister

Huffman pointed out that with the Stay Home – Stay Safe orders in place, many households struggle with domestic issues.

“Domestic violence is on the rise,” she said. “During a week in mid-May three women were shot multiple times.

“On May 20, around 5:30 a.m., Kendrick Thomas kicked in the door to his ex-girlfriend’s residence. She was seven months pregnant. He murdered her. He also shot her mother and sister.”

After he committed the murder, Thomas went and shot another man multiple times before he killed himself.

This individual had a violent history that included prior assaults, felony assault family violence and one case in 2012 that was very similar to this one.

Judge Turns Capital Killer Loose

 Brian Bullock was on bond for assault when he committed Capital Murder by brutally stabbing Michelle Bullock and Mark Kiel to death in 2018.

“He did not comply with his bond conditions and two people are dead. Michelle left behind three sons under the age of eight,” Huffman said. “Despite being eligible for the death penalty, Bullock was given a bond and was out on May 22. Judge Abigail Anastasio of the 184th District Court gave him a bond when we know he does not follow bond conditions. He is out and has nothing to lose.”

Gang Member Threatens Cops with No Consequences

Gang member Camryn Moss was given a fantastic deal when the DA’s office gave him 10 years deferred on one felony and dismissed four other cases. Two of the four dismissals were felonies.

Oh, but the criminal justice winds of the perfect storm Huffman describes began to blow Moss’ way.

“Nineteen days later, while on deferred, Moss committed aggravated robbery with a gun and stole another car!

“Even though he could not stop committing felonies, he was let out again on a PR bond as long as he wore an ankle monitor,” Huffman reported. “Guess what he was not wearing when he was arrested on May 15?

“He assured the arresting officers that he would be out soon. He was probably right. And he vowed that when he gets out, he’s going to shoot the officers.

“Even though the officers told DA Intake about the retaliatory comment, the DA’s office refused to add the felony retaliation charge,” Huffman pointed out.

Encounters with members of this particular gang are getting more and more dangerous each time officers come in contact with them. These gang members are going unpunished.

“This is a joke to them,” Huffman said. “Officers’ lives are being threatened. It is just a matter of time before an officer is killed. We won’t be this easy on gang members who threaten HPD officers – or any law enforcement personnel – if I’m elected Harris County district attorney.”

Another Sweetheart Killer Deal

Clayton Brown shot three people in two different incidents. He got a sweetheart deal when Kim Ogg’s office dismissed two of the shootings and gave him deferred adjudication (basically probation) on the third.

While on deferred he stole an ATM in Missouri and ran from police in Montgomery County, thus picking up a few additional felonies. He now has a motion to revoke his deferred.

Huffman said, “However, instead of sitting in jail while he waits to be sentenced, the Judge gave him a $50,000 bond and on May 14 he was out again! Free to commit more crimes!

“Can we stop giving violent criminals deferred adjudication? And if they are already on deferred, can’t we at least revoke it and sentence them to prison when they commit more felonies?”

Then she added, “That’s what we’d do in my district attorney’s office.”

Clayton Brown got out!

Still Another Killer Goes Free!

Joshua Kelsey who was charged with a triple homicide on May 7, should have been behind bars but instead was allowed to walk free.

Kelsey was a repeat violent offender but has been given leniency from Ogg’s office time and time again. Last year Kelsey was charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm, a third-degree felony, but the charge was reduced and he was given a plea deal that allowed him to walk free after just six short months instead of being sent to prison for up to 10 years.

“This is an injustice to the families of Kelsey’s three latest victims and an injustice to all citizens of Harris County,” Huffman said.

Kelsey, who has a long criminal history, was apprehended after a short police chase in south Houston. Police believe he was responsible for three separate shootings that resulted in three deaths and one serious injury.  They also believe the shootings were drug related.

Joshua Kelsey strikes a familiar pose.

Chief Acevedo mentioned in a press conference this month that the same things that move people (buses, planes, cars, etc) are the same things that move drugs. COVID-19 has affected Harris County’s drug supply and people are getting desperate.

COVID-19 added to the already rising crime statistic for the county.

“People should feel safe in Harris County,” Huffman stated. “The current district attorney cares more about politics than she does about protecting her constituents.

“As your next district attorney, I pledge to hold criminals accountable by enforcing the laws of the State of Texas while administering fair punishment.

“I will protect the public by supporting the efforts of law enforcement and be a voice for victims. I will bring experience back to the district attorney’s office so that the citizens of Harris County have a safe place to live, work and play.”

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Mary Nan Huffman Delivers Supplies

Harris County District Attorney candidate Mary Nan Huffman delivered supplies so that local restaurant Heavenly Choices can continue to serve hot meals to seniors during this tough time. Mary Nan is dedicated to making our communities safer around Harris County and also launched a petition for public safety. please sign and share Mary Nan’s petition if you think public safety should be our #1 priority. Click the link https://www.marynanhuffman.com/public-safety.

Mary Nan Huffman Statement on Triple Homicide

Houston TX – Mary Nan Huffman, the Republican nominee for  Harris County District Attorney, issued the following statement today after a repeat criminal committed a triple homicide in Houston Wednesday evening:

“The people of Harris County are not safe with Kim Ogg as their District Attorney. Because of Ms. Ogg’s failures, dangerous criminals are free to walk the streets and prey upon the good people of Harris County.

“The suspect who is charged with a triple homicide should have been behind bars, but instead was allowed to walk free. Joshua Kelsey is a career criminal having been convicted and served time for multiple felonies including Burglary of a Building, Theft, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Felon in Possession of a Firearm. In 2017, Kelsey even jumped bail but Ogg’s misguided hug-a-thug policies never yielded charges. Last year when Kelsey was charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm, a third degree felony, the charge was reduced and he was given a plea deal that allowed him to walk free after just six short months instead of being sent to prison for up to 10 years. Kim Ogg is personally responsible for these deaths – she is the purveyor of the mayhem that is sweeping our streets. This is an injustice to the families of Kelsey’s three latest victims and an injustice to all citizens of Harris County.

“People should feel safe in their homes. The current district attorney cares more about politics than she does about protecting the people. As your next district attorney, I will hold criminals accountable by enforcing the laws of the State of Texas. I will protect the public by supporting the efforts of Law Enforcement and be a voice for victims. I will return experience to the district attorney’s office, so the citizens of Harris County have a safe place to live, work and play.”

Joshua Kelsey, who has a long criminal history, was apprehended after a short police chase in south Houston on Wednesday night. Police believe he was responsible for three separate shootings that resulted in three deaths and one serious injury.

Harris County’s Dirty Little Secret

Much has been made recently, here in Houston and across other big cities, about the horrific results of bail reform, but to be honest this isn’t even the worst of what is going on in the criminal justice system. I am sure you are thinking what could be worse than letting violent repeat offenders out on bond over and over again? It’s cutting them sweetheart deals when they agree to their guilt. Those deals are much more insidious and damaging to our community.

This is happening every day in Harris County courtrooms with the full knowledge and approval of the elected District Attorney Kim Ogg. They can accomplish this egregious affront by bastardizing the practice of deferred adjudication.

For some readers, this may be the first time you have ever heard the words deferred adjudication, so let’s take a moment to explain what that is. Deferred adjudication can be given to a defendant in a criminal case (in an agreed plea deal) and in most cases allows them to skirt any jail or prison time. They walk free from the court room. As long as they stay out of trouble for the length of time they are placed on deferred, their criminal history will reflect no conviction or wrong-doing. This tool in the DA’s toolbox is actually a good one if used properly. The design when this was put into law, was to be used for a first-time offender, who maybe got caught in a bad situation who didn’t deserve to be put away for years. For example, the little brother who just happens to be in the car when the older brother robs the store, doesn’t deserve to have his life ruined. I think we can all agree it is advantageous to have the ability to give that young man a break. Let me assure you, that is not what is happening in our court rooms. We are seeing a disturbing trend of deferred adjudication being given to violent, habitual offenders, and career criminals.

There is no thought of justice for the victims in these crimes. The DA’s office is giving them numerous chances, and it is clear they have no intention of holding the true criminal element in our community accountable on a consistent basis.

A few quick examples to highlight just how bad it is:

  • Clayton Brown has a lengthy, violent, criminal history. He shot three people in two separate incidents, one was 15-year-old girl. In a plea deal with the DA’s office he had two of his cases dismissed and on the third they gave him deferred. He shot three people and was given no prison time. Where is the justice for the victims?
  • Adrian Lizcano pointed a gun at several people and threatened to kill them. He was given deferred for that incident. While on deferred, he crushed his 15-day old infant daughter’s skull and killed her.
  • Antonio Washington was given deferred for three aggravated robberies. While on deferred he robbed a Walmart at gun point, putting dozens of citizens in mortal danger. Thankfully, one of our officers happen to be off duty and in line. The officer was able to stop him.
  • Mark Baldridge, a prolific collector and distributor of images of child sex abuse was given deferred adjudication for eight felony counts of child pornography.

I could go on and on with egregious examples, but the other side will claim we cherry-picked them. Rest assured, there are thousands of incidents. Let’s peek behind the curtain to see the scope of this disturbing trend.

Kim Ogg and her office have taken deferred adjudication and placed it on steroids, the likes of which we have never seen. The long-term harm to our community and victims is immeasurable. Here is just a taste, as December 2019:

  • We have nearly 1600 people on deferred adjudication for aggravated assault
  • Over 1100 people on deferred for aggravated robbery and robbery,
  • Over 600 people on deferred for possession of child pornography/indecency with a child/online Solicitation of a minor
  • Over 300 people for sexual assault
  • Over 1750 people for felony DWI offenses
  • And what I believe is a true marker of just how far we have fallen, over 300 people on deferred for felon in possession of a firearm.

Let that sink in for a moment. We are having a national debate on guns and gun laws, yet we are handing out no jail time to convicted felons who are found in possession of a firearm. DA Kim Ogg is literally giving gun toting felons a “Get Out of Jail Free Card”. That is not even mentioning the large group of aggravated robberies and aggravated assaults committed with guns where the assailants were given a sweetheart deal with no jail time. We aren’t using the tools we have in our toolbox now to hold criminals accountable, even when those crimes involve firearms. All anyone can talk about is new gun laws.

Even more disturbing, the above numbers reflect what we can track. The real deferred numbers are actually much higher.

When someone violates their deferred and is revoked and convicted, we are unable to track that case effectively. The above numbers do not include those criminals who were placed on deferred, re-offended, and therefore were violating the conditions of their deferred adjudication. Conceivably, at that point they should go to the jail for the original charge, however, we are finding that the DA’s office and judges aren’t following through in those cases. That is an article for another day.

It doesn’t take an active imagination to understand that the numbers above are infinitely worse. Kim Ogg apologists will say that they have to cut these deals in order to keep their dockets manageable, and that judges play a role in accepting the terms of the agreement. I will concede those points. They absolutely must negotiate deals with defense attorneys in order to allow the system to run somewhat efficiently. However, they are giving away the farm in these negotiations with full approval from District Attorney Kim Ogg and her administration.

When you have violent, true habitual offenders, you should only be discussing how long they will go to prison, not negotiating to let them off the hook completely. Is anyone asking the victim how they feel about these deals? Does anyone care about justice for victims? Our current elected DA is so worried about going light on criminals, she has completely forgotten that it is her duty to protect and represent victims!

People will attempt to make this a partisan issue or a political issue, but throwing the book at violent criminals who prey on the hard-working people of our community is something we should all agree on. With a loud voice, everyone should demand these criminals be held responsible for their actions and stand up for victims. Please share these statistics with your friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers. I am confident the average Houstonian believes that if someone sticks a gun in their face and robs them, the miscreant should be thrown in jail for 10+ years. The reality is the opposite. They are much more likely to receive a sweetheart deal, and be let free to victimize the next hard-working person, perhaps even kill someone. Venture to say this is not what any of us want and it is certainly not the Houston I know and love so dearly.

This epidemic is within our power to change. We all need to come together and vote out the very person who swore an oath to uphold the law and protect victims in our community.

Kim Ogg must go. Harris County deserves better!

Child abuser sentenced to life without parole

By Campbell Atkins

Madisonville resident Felicia Mulkey pleaded guilty to one count of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, one count of Super Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child and two counts of Possession of Child Pornography in the 278th District Court in Madison County, according to a press release from the office of District Attorney Brian Risinger.

She was sentenced to the maximum punishment on all charges and will spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Mulkey was arrested on June 26, 2018 for the abuses along with Joseph Farris, who is currently awaiting trial.

Judge Hal Ridley sentenced Mulkey after hearing evidence that she filmed herself raping her eight-year-old biological daughter “hundreds of times.”

“The events of this case are hard to believe, that a woman would ever do something like this to her own child,” said Risinger in the press release. “We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated law enforcement professionals working so diligently for the safety of our children and community.”

Multiple agencies assisted throughout the investigation process, including members of the Madisonville Police Department, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the Texas Rangers, agents from Homeland Security Investigations and the Madison and Montgomery County District Attorneys’ Offices.

Judge Ridley’s sentencing came after testimonies from retired Texas Ranger Steven Jeter and Special Agent Jeff Chappell with Homeland Security Investigations.

Former Chief Prosecutor of Child Exploitation cases Mary Nan Huffman was sworn in to assist Risinger as a special prosecutor.

“When I heard about this little girl and the abuse she suffered, I volunteered to help,” said Huffman in the press release. “Every child deserves justice no matter the jurisdiction. (Mulkey) may have been the way this child was brought into this world, but she is no mother.”

Press Release: Mary Nan Huffman Files for Harris County District Attorney

Houston TX – Mary Nan Huffman filed as a Republican candidate for Harris County District Attorney today at GOP Headquarters.

“I’m running as the experienced conservative choice for Harris County. I’m a mom and a smart tough prosecutor, not a politician,” Huffman said. “I believe that I’m uniquely positioned to return the rule of law to Harris County, rebuild a broken and dysfunctional district attorney’s office and restore predictability and dependability. What I have heard from voters is that we deserve better than what they’re getting now.

“My pledge to the people of Harris County it to respect, uphold and enforce the law – not just the laws that I agree with.

“I love Harris County and believe it’s one of the greatest, friendliest places to live,” Huffman concluded, “but I believe our hospitality doesn’t have to extend to people who commit violent crimes.”

Mary Nan Huffman served as a prosecutor in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office for almost 10 years, rising quickly to become the Chief Felony Prosecutor in the Child Exploitation Division and over the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Division. During her time as Chief of Child Exploitation she prosecuted a wide range of internet-related crimes committed against children: child human trafficking, the possession, production and promotion of child pornography, child sexual assault and any other case involving the sexual exploitation of children online. She directed the work of multi-agency task forces from federal, state and local agencies.

Huffman now works as an attorney for the Houston Police Officers Union representing officers in a variety of matters associated with duties as an officer.

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